Kimono for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the club "Cossack Fortress"

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Our completed project for the club of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Stavropol "Cossack Fortress"

The project was carried out in several stages:

1. The first stage - setting the task to develop a design layout;

2. The second stage - the development of the layout design, its approval;

3. The third stage - the production and supply of samples of kimonos for Brazilian jiu jitsu, belts for Brazilian jiu jitsu, adult and children's models. The process of testing equipment. Receiving feedback;

4. The fourth stage is mass production. Delivery of the first batch.


Fabric: Pearl weaving, 100% cotton, density 350 grams;
Pants: children's pants with elastic, rip-stop fabric, density 210 grams, adult trousers with laces, rip-stop, density 210 grams.
Colors: black, white, blue, yellow.

Belts: children and adults, all colors. Fabric 100% cotton.

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